Trusting Someone Else to Tell Your Story

“A brand is a voice, and a product is a souvenir.” – Lisa Gansky Getting your business to be hot news is one thing. But to persuade people to buy your products or services, you need a voice. A story that people can connect with. Dietrich Mateschitz, Redbull’s founder, turned a product that was onceContinue reading “Trusting Someone Else to Tell Your Story”

Where to Find the Miracle of Motivation – A Guide for New Business Owners

We live in an era where procrastination is trendy. We use it as a hashtag on Twitter to laugh at ourselves for our hopelessness of not doing what we should be doing. But when we factor this dilly-dallying into the day-to-day running our of businesses? It’s a problem. Dip a toe into the pool ofContinue reading “Where to Find the Miracle of Motivation – A Guide for New Business Owners”

An Honest Guide to Outsourced Copywriter Fees

“How much do you charge?” It’s a simple question to ask a copywriter. Perhaps the figure you receive is enough to get you moving forward into content creation for your business. But it may also leave you questioning what that number really means: Is it too low? Will my content be valuable when I paidContinue reading “An Honest Guide to Outsourced Copywriter Fees”

Get Great at Editing and be a Better Writer

You’ve completed your first draft. You sit back after being scrunched over a desk for the past hour and contemplate the next step. It’s time to make your draft beautiful. It’s time to edit. Trust me; editing is all-powerful in this regard. I used to think my content was good until I understood what toContinue reading “Get Great at Editing and be a Better Writer”