Essential Elements of Compelling Content

  There’s content that gets less engagement than a stale slice of bread. And then there’s content that attracts prospects as effectively as a field of puppies. Let’s take a closer look at the copywriting mistakes that can negatively impact your business. Keep reading to learn how to write words that aren’t just shiny, they’reContinue reading “Essential Elements of Compelling Content”

The Art of Writing Like a Person

“Write with your voice to sound like a person.” If you’ve ever written content for your business or asked for advice on nailing your copy, you have probably heard this before. But the truth is that putting your personality onto paper isn’t a priority when you have ten other really important things to focus on:Continue reading “The Art of Writing Like a Person”

Trusting Someone Else to Tell Your Story

“A brand is a voice, and a product is a souvenir.” – Lisa Gansky Getting your business to be hot news is one thing. But to persuade people to buy your products or services, you need a voice. A story that people can connect with. Dietrich Mateschitz, Redbull’s founder, turned a product that was onceContinue reading “Trusting Someone Else to Tell Your Story”