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You’ve probably guessed by now that I’m obsessed with mountains. And words. I (really) like words.

(Here’s why…)

I have always wanted to write. I studied English Literature at Hull University. After getting my degree, I jumped straight into writing content for a local gaming website. 

I spent three months playing video games… oh, and writing about them. I loved it, but there was a big and beautiful world outside my four walls, and I wanted to explore it.

So I spent the following year in Thailand. I lived in a wooden shack, taught English at schools and hotels, adopted a cat (which ran away), and booped a few elephants on the trunk.


I somehow managed to fit in New Zealand and Bali where I became a maniac for mountains.

The following year, I came home. My passion for gaming didn’t die, and I wrote for the two leading gaming websites in the UK: Kotaku and GamesRadar+.

I also trained as a personal assistant in Manchester. It was nice to be able to swear again (being out of a classroom).

I also learnt what marketing means to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

I managed blogs, wrote articles about mud, cake, and ISO accreditations, proofread projects, and took the reins of several social media accounts.

It took me exactly 0.01 seconds to realise this was what I always wanted to do.

Shortly after I fell into a copywriting internship with the talented Helen Dibble.

I learnt what it takes to be a great copywriter.

Now I want to show you how brilliant words, with power equal to mountains, will be the catalyst of sensational things for your business.

So let’s talk.

What have people said?

“Georgina is a fantastic copywriter. The research she undertakes to deliver content perfectly targeted to the audience she is writing for is second to none. She’s a true wordsmith who makes even the dryest subjects come to life. Putting her excellent copywriting aside she’s also brilliant to do business with. The service she delivers is exceptional with great communication throughout and always delivered ahead of the deadline. I would recommend Georgina to any business looking for a copywriter for content, editorial or marketing collateral and would be happy to speak with anyone who would like a personal endorsement of her.” 
Mike Pye, Digital Marketing Consultant
A phenomenal writer with a real grasp of audience and content marketing. I mentored Georgina at the beginning of 2017 as she began her copywriting career. Since then, I have watched her fly! Her writing is clear, concise and full of personality. She has a solid understanding of marketing and a commitment to every project that comes her way. I have confidently connected her with clients and contacts, and she is a valued member of the Incredibble team.
Helen Dibble, Incredible Marketing and Training
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