Hello friend! I’m Gigi

I have a confession.

I’m addicted to writing. 

It all started when I was eight years old. I’d just read a book about dragons. But eight-year old me wasn’t satisfied. I didn’t want to just read about dragons.

I wanted to write about them.

Don’t ask me why. My parents weren’t writers.  I wanted to be a zoologist. Not an author. But for some inexplicable reason, I was compelled to write.

So I spent all summer locked away in my room, writing a book about a girl who finds a dragon egg. 

It was awful. Mostly plagiarised. But I didn’t care. Because I wrote a book! And I loved it! And my grandparents said they loved it!

Like a dragon’s fiery breath, writing set me alight with happiness and satisfaction. One thing led to another …

  • I completed my English Degree at Hull University 
  • I wrote for two top gaming websites
  • I travelled to Thailand to teach English 
  • I started writing blogs for businesses as a personal assistant
  • I met Helen Dibble, content marketing extraordinaire
  • I completed an apprenticeship at Incredibble Marketing
  • I started writing for Incredibble
  • I set up my own copywriting business 
  • I started writing a book (soon to be complete) 

Along the way, my lifestyle changed. 

I reached a point in my twenties where I didn’t want to buy fast fashion, eat meat or dairy, live in a polluted city, connect with people who didn’t share my values. 

Which made me think. How can I extend my impact? Use my skills as a writer and marketer to help others heal the world?

So I started reaching out to sustainable and mindful brands (check out my work), carving a niche for myself that represented my ethics.

Now I get to write for businesses I’m truly passionate about. Want me to help you make a difference?

Tell me about your project

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