The Art of Writing Like a Person

Making the most of your content

Write with your voice to sound like a person.”

If you’ve ever written content for your business or asked for advice on nailing your copy, you have probably heard this before.

But the truth is that putting your personality onto paper isn’t a priority when you have ten other really important things to focus on:

  1. Is your writing grammatically correct?
  2. Are you writing to your target audience?
  3. Is your content easy to read?
  4. Do your explanations make sense?
  5. Are you empathising with your customers and their pains?
  6. Have you done enough research on the subject?
  7. Does the structure flow?
  8. Have you backed up your opinions with reliable facts?
  9. Does your content support your business’s values?
  10. Did you save? (Okay, nine things if you’re using Google docs or WordPress)

Let’s say you added ‘Does my writing sound like me?’ to that list. Where would that rank in your priorities during a writing session? Top 5? Probably not.

Here’s why: writing like a person isn’t an essential component. Whether you’re writing content for your website, an article, or a social media post, addressing your target audience, getting your grammar and spelling right, and providing accurate information is what’ll help you sleep easier at night.

Everything else is just background noise when writing isn’t your jam.

Even so, deep down you know that writing like a person is the button to press for engagement. But a lack of time and, by default, decreased motivation is stopping you from taking your content one step further.

Sound familiar? Then here’s a happy tune: we can solve this easily.

It’s a simple strategy …

Spend less time thinking about this conundrum when writing your first draft.

Because if this is a real anxiety for you that’s clouding your thoughts, you’re wasting time during the first stage of writing your content.

Fitting in your little quirks and nuances that make you so wonderfully unique and engaging: this is the last thing you have to do.

And the best part? Once those ten points have been checked off your list, injecting your personality into your content is going to be much easier and faster to do when it’s the only thing you have to think about.

If you’re still figuring out how to translate you into words, here’s a neat trick:

Say what you want to write out loud.

Ask yourself: Did it sound like something you would say? Answer no, and go back to the drawing board until you feel content with your copy.

Succeed, and your content won’t read like a textbook. It will be an authentic experience that pulls your readers into your story through your voice.

As Maya Angelou once said: “Words mean more than what is set down on paper. It takes the human voice to infuse them with deeper meaning.”

Published by gigiwalls

Bumbling, nerdy and pretty awkward at times; I'm still not sure where I quite fit in. But I love to write, and this makes me feel grounded somehow. At present, my work is simply a gateway of self expression and creativity, but one day I hope to use it for something more. What you'll find here: travel writing, creative ramblings, life blogging and video gaming thoughts. Life's passions, enemies and delights. You can find me on Instagram @gigieloise for pretty pictures of my spontaneous adventures and a few awkward selfies.

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