Trusting Someone Else to Tell Your Story

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“A brand is a voice, and a product is a souvenir.” – Lisa Gansky

Getting your business to be hot news is one thing. But to persuade people to buy your products or services, you need a voice. A story that people can connect with.

Dietrich Mateschitz, Redbull’s founder, turned a product that was once sold to Thai labourers as a night-shift pick-me-up into a billion-dollar brand.

That success wasn’t born from a mixture of chemicals, caffeine and carbonated water. It was from a marketing campaign that linked an energy drink to compelling stories.

Full-throttle stories about courageous people doing incredible things. Stores that are real and human, and because of this, have the power to inspire.

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Today, a Redbull drink isn’t a just product. It’s a prize to be gained because of the brand it’s associated with.

Building a Brand Powered By Your Story

Your brand might not be visible yet. Your website is in development, and you don’t have any content in the public eye.

The problem is, writing about yourself and your business isn’t easy. You’re not sure how to put your story into words, or how to write for your audience while also talking about yourself.

Perhaps you do have content. But what you have doesn’t light any fires in you; the process didn’t come naturally, and you don’t think it tells your story in a way that’s compelling, authentic, or memorable.

You know that the solution is getting someone else to put your story into words. But how can you trust someone you don’t really know with such an important task?

Finding Your Soul-Writer

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Before you look for a copywriter, (if you haven’t already) you need to establish your brand proposition. Will it be tongue-in-cheek or corporate? Or a mixture of tones?

When you meet your clients, you want them to be able to make a connection between who you are and the product or service you sell.

If they can’t find one, your brand won’t feel authentic. Why is this important?

As bestselling Author and Executive coach, Suzi Pomerantz, puts it:

An authentic relationship matters more than an emotional connection in creating customer satisfaction. Marketing strategies that are most effective have, at their foundation, a commitment to creating a genuine human connection.”   

The next thing you might be expecting to hear is that you should find a copywriter who mirrors your tone in their own writing (like the content on their website).


There’s no reason why this can’t be the driving force behind your choice.

Especially if you find a copywriter who specialises in your industry; you have more reasons to trust someone who’s knowledgeable about what you do from the get-go.

But really, a similar tone isn’t the be all and end all. A skilled copywriter doesn’t stick to one particular tone. They might have a preference, but they should have the ability to change and adapt to a client’s persona.

What’s important is that you enjoy reading what the copywriter in question writes. It’s entertaining, it’s memorable, and it takes you on a journey that feels satisfying.

So really, finding your soul-writer has a lot less to do with sharing common ground, and more to do with that special spark between you and their content. 

When You Also Need Concrete Back-Up

If you’ve been recommended a copywriter from someone you trust, that will help you cement over your uncertainties.


No recommendation? No problem. Testimonials are a great way to gauge the skill of a copywriter. Contacting the author of the testimonial is an even better way to verify if they’re the real deal.

And if there aren’t any testimonials, you still have options. Conduct your research through their website, their blog posts, and any snippets of online communication such as their social media activity.

Your final failsafe is your gut. Because no matter how good something looks, if it doesn’t feel right … abandon ship.

Passing The Torch …

… shouldn’t make you nervous. By the time you’ve hired a copywriter and they have started writing your content, you should have:

  1. Received a proposal

Best practise in most business transactions, a copywriter’s proposal should acknowledge your aims, your business proposition, a detailed overview of the project in question, a quote (how much do copywriters charge? Find out here) and any other necessary details you require.

  1. Had a comprehensive briefing session

After you’ve given written approval for the project to commence and paid your first invoice (if this is requested in installments) the next step is briefing.

This usually comprises of a one-to-two-hour session where your copywriter will start a conversation with you that ends in their complete understanding of your tone, your inspirations and aspirations, and your ideal end product.

  1. Seen your conceptual copy

What’s Conceptual Copy? It’s a fancy way of your copywriter saying, Here’s a snippet of your copy that I need you to check to make sure I have your tone down to a T.

It’s my favourite step in a new partnership between copywriter and client. It’s our opportunity to hash out the details, discuss what’s wrong and what’s right for further direction, and to get you really excited about your content.

And the best part? You start to relax.

You’ve done the hard bit (you found a copywriter you like), a plan has been set in motion (the structure and nature of your content has been established), and you know you made the right choice (because your conceptual copy points directly towards the content you want).

And if one of those components is missing?

You’re allowed to feel nervous. If there’s no proposal or no briefing session, walk away. If there’s no conceptual copy, ask for it.

Trust is Letting Go …

… when you have everything you need to let go. If you do, got for it; let someone else take care of your content so you can concentrate on moving your business forward.


Your prize will be words that set the bar for all of your other marketing, build your brand awareness, raise the possibility of landing passionate subscribers and bolster lead conversion.

Words that are a crystal clear reflection of you, your story, and all that you have to offer.


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