The world needs your voice.

You’re a global beauty, clothing or food brand passionate about sustainability, inclusivity and animal rights. 

‘Success’ doesn’t just mean profit. It equals:

  • Igniting affirmative change towards equality
  • Being a human rights advocate
  • Helping the environment through sustainable practices
  • Creating cruelty-free products 

You’ve already achieved so much, with an impact on the environment, animals and people that stretches across the globe. 

But you’re not confident the world knows this. And you feel like there’s still work to be done. 

The right words can amplify your products, values and impact by:

  • Shining a light on your ethics
  • Articulating the things you do right
  • Striking a chord with the eco-conscious
  • Building loyalty through reciprocity

You know these words exist. But finding them is like trying to grasp mist with your hands. You don’t have the time or the inclination. 

You need help. But not just from any old copywriter. From a wordsmith who shares your moral code. 

I want to help you be an earth-shaking force for good. Work with me to find the right words that help you build a better world. 


What I Write

Article Writing

Filling your blog with articles search engines love, customers shout about and competitors wish they’d written. 


Words for your website that earn their keep, tell a spellbinding story, inspire action and hold their power.

Why Gigi?

Simply put, I give a damn. 

I think about the words I use, the things I buy, the food on my plate, the nature I enjoy, the people I connect with. 

How do my actions impact the world? What can I do to improve? I ask myself these questions everyday.

I’m also addicted to writing. It’s my hobby and my job. I write fiction in my free time. I read books on writing. I am words and words are me. 

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